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Create Your Own Calendar - Blank Printable 2024 Calendars

A blank calendar for kids to create artwork on

Last January I found an amazing blank wall calendar at a local thrift shop and at the end of each month I sat down with my son to design a new artwork for the month ahead. It became a cherished tradition- thinking about a theme for the month and deciding what kind of materials we would use. I would lightly write the name of the month and the days of the month for him to trace and as I page back through 12 months of his artwork and penmanship I can see how much he has grown and learned over the last year.

The blank calendar that we fell in love with is no longer for sale (bummer) but I knew that this tradition is something I wanted to keep alive in our family year after year so I did what any graphic designer mom would do and whipped up some of our own templates to use!

These templates are available in my shop and the PDF includes completely blank month calendars (if your kiddos are old enough to write their own month names and dates, as well as blank monthly calendars for January-December 2024. Fun fact: 2024 is a leap year!

Each month I'll be sharing the theme and medium that we will use to create the next month's calendar - so be sure to subscribe if you'd like inspiration or to follow along.

For January 2024 we'll be working on "vision board" mixed media collages using the free templates I put together here...

These free templates feature 3 pages of different themed source material that is clean and kid-friendly. You'll find images, graphics, and typography for your bookworms, your nature lovers, and your crafty kiddos!

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