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Magic Flashlight Tutorial + FREE Winter Scene Templates and 7 more Easy Winter Art Ideas

Who knew that a zip top bag, some paper, and a permanent marker could create such magical fun? This technique can be used year round for an art activity, simply swap out one of our free seasonal templates or create your own design to go with the season! Don't forget to grab our guide full of all 8 easy winter art ideas for kids.

A child using a piece of paper to view a winter scene
Magic Flashlight Winter Art Activity

Just a heads up – I sprinkled a few affiliate links in this tutorial. If you click through and decide to make a purchase, know that you're also sprinkling a bit of magic my way at no cost to you! Thanks for supporting the fun!

What you need:

  • Gallon Zip top bag

  • Rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer

  • Permanent Marker

  • Black paper or cardstock

  • White paper or cardstock

  • Scene Template - get it in the free PDF guide

  • Flashlight Template - get it in the free PDF guide

How to make it:

  • Remove any writing/words on your zip top bag using hand sanitizer or rubbing alcohol. Cut the zipper edge off.

  • Choose one of the winter scene templates (or create your own scene). To use a template, print it off and insert the page into the bag. Trace the design with a permanent marker. To freehand your design, place a plain sheet of paper inside the bag to make it easier to see what you are drawing.

  • Print out the flashlight template (or freehand your own design). The flashlight works best when it is on thicker paper so print on cardstock if possible.

  • Place a sheet of black paper inside of the bag (or place the entire bag on a sheet of black poster board) and give your kiddo the flashlight to illumunate different areas of the scene.

TIP: Turn this activity into a “search and find” by hiding different drawings and doodles in your scene. Ask your child to find the designs hidden in the scene with their flashlight.

Grab your FREE flashlight and winter scene templates plus 7 more winter-themed art ideas for kids in my free guide. Choose one, two, a few, or all of the projects to create with your family during this season and use the techniques and mediums to inspire your making all year long.

What others are saying:
“This guide is exactly what I needed heading into winter with an energetic toddler! As we move through the cold months, having a resource that is full of projects that fuel creativity will be invaluable for us. The projects are accessible - they’re not only easy on parents but extremely cost effective. I had all of the supplies on hand, this guide just helps to use them in creative ways.“ - Kari

"This thoughtfully curated collection of winter crafts are perfect for creating memories with your kids. I love that the activities are easy to set up and have a “wow” factor, that is fun for kids and adults. The printables are an added bonus to save time and effort in set up. I’m excited to try the flashlight activity!" - Stephanie O’Brien @craftedbymeart

"Winter often means more time indoors, and what a great opportunity to work on art and crafts with our kids! This guide offers simple, fun, and creative projects to get making together as a family during the cold months, I highly recommend it." -Danae

“This is so fun, I love it! My son is excited to do all the activities. The step-by-steps are very clear and easy to follow so parents and kids can both be motivated. Can’t wait for future guides!" -Joy

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