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Get crafty as you dream up kid-friendly vision boards! This delightful digital download is designed to spark imagination and inspire young minds as they create visual collections of their favorite things.


This printable PDF is a treasure trove of vibrant images, whimsical graphics, and empowering words carefully curated for budding nature lovers, crafty kids, and bookworms.


🌿 **Nature Lovers**

Dreaming of the outdoors? This page is full of images and graphics perfect for nature lovers. Pair it with maps of your favorite state parks, pictures from your favorite family camping trips, and images from nature magazines to create an outdoor lovers dream. 


🎨 **Crafty Kids**

For the creative kiddos (aka every kiddo) we've put together a page of artistic inspiraiton. Photos of kids getting crafty, graphics of some of our favorite supplies and words to inspire young ones. Pair these with your favorite scrapbooking paper,  your child's own drawings and artworks, and clips from magazines.


📚 **Bookworms**

Do you have a little reader? This page is inspired by all of the bookworms, with cozy images of books, graphics, and words to inspire. Pair with excerpts from thrifted (or scanned) book pages, photos from magazines, and have your kiddos draw their favorite characters. 


✨ Three beautifully crafted pages in a high-resolution PDF format.

✨ Over 50 handpicked images, graphics, and words across the three themes.

✨ Print-friendly designs for easy use in crafting vision boards.

✨ Suitable for a wide range of ages, fostering creativity and imagination.


**How to Use:**

1. 🖨️ Print the PDF on quality paper or cardstock for durability.

2. ✂️ Cut out the images, graphics, and words that resonate with your child's dreams and aspirations.

3. 🌈 Arrange and glue them onto a vision board, poster, journal, or blank calendar template. 

4. 📸 Capture the masterpiece and share the creative journey with friends and family.


This PDF is  a gateway to endless possibilities, fostering a love for nature, art, and literature in the hearts of your little ones. Fuel their dreams, ignite their creativity, and watch as their visions come to life!

Kid's Vision Board Templates

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