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Cardboard Canvas Tutorial + FREE Templates for 8 Winter Art Ideas

I first discovered these three-dimensional painting surfaces from a friend on Instagram @fairytalesandfingerpaints who make gorgeous cardboard canvases for her 2 young daughters. With the simplest supplies you can turn your old cardboard boxes into an exciting surface for your kiddos to paint.

Find free printable templates to make your own winter themed cardbaord canvases plus tutorials and templates for 7 more kid art projects in my FREE 20+page guide "8 Easy Art + Craft Projects for Winter"!

A child painting a cardboard snowman with acrylic paints
Cardboard Canvas Art Tutorial for Kids

What you need:

  • Cardboard - out those old boxes to use!

  • Cutting tool such as large scissors, craft knife, or box cutter

  • Hot glue gun to connect your pieces

  • Acrylic paint

  • Paintbrushes

Project Prep (Do this the day before or in the morning on the day you plan to paint):

  • If this is your first cardboard canvas, start small, an 8.5" x 11" size is a great size for getting started. Find a nice sheet of cardboard to serve as the background of your design.

A multi-layered cardboard surface with winter scenes
Cardboard Canvas Ready to Paint

Painting your cardboard canvas:

  • Provide some acrylic paints and a paintbrush to your kiddo to paint their canvas. Let them have full freedom in how they paint the canvas (don’t try to control which areas they paint a specific color, etc). You’ll be amazed by the results!

TIP:If you want to ensure a cohesive painting provide an analogous selection of colors so that no matter what colors they choose they look good together (examples are in our free Winter art guide).

Grab your FREE winter themed cardboard canvas templates and 7 more winter-themed art ideas for kids in my free guide. Choose one, two, a few, or all of the projects to create with your family during this season and use the techniques and mediums to inspire your making all year long.

What others are saying:
“This guide is exactly what I needed heading into winter with an energetic toddler! As we move through the cold months, having a resource that is full of projects that fuel creativity will be invaluable for us. The projects are accessible - they’re not only easy on parents but extremely cost effective. I had all of the supplies on hand, this guide just helps to use them in creative ways.“ - Kari

"This thoughtfully curated collection of winter crafts are perfect for creating memories with your kids. I love that the activities are easy to set up and have a “wow” factor, that is fun for kids and adults. The printables are an added bonus to save time and effort in set up. I’m excited to try the flashlight activity!" - Stephanie O’Brien @craftedbymeart

"Winter often means more time indoors, and what a great opportunity to work on art and crafts with our kids! This guide offers simple, fun, and creative projects to get making together as a family during the cold months, I highly recommend it." -Danae

“This is so fun, I love it! My son is excited to do all the activities. The step-by-steps are very clear and easy to follow so parents and kids can both be motivated. Can’t wait for future guides!" -Joy

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